Unveiling the Greensboro CRE Market A Comprehensive Update

Unveiling the Greensboro CRE Market | A Comprehensive Update

Posted by Marc DeLille on October 24th, 2023

Greensboro Office Market

The Greensboro office market is an area of interest for investors and businesses alike. As of Q1 2024, the average office price per square foot in Greensboro stood at $20.18. While this figure provides a baseline for office space costs, it’s crucial to consider other factors when making commercial real estate decisions.

One significant factor is the vacancy rate, which averaged 9% across all asset classes. A closer look at different office space classes reveals varying asking rents. Class A office space in Greensboro commanded an average rent of $30.52 per square foot. Meanwhile, class B office space recorded an average asking rent of $20.00 per square foot, and assets encompassing class C office space saw asking rents of $17.81 per square foot, on average.

These numbers highlight the diversity within the Greensboro office market. Depending on your business needs and budget, there are options available to suit various requirements. Additionally, the relatively low vacancy rates suggest a stable market, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking to establish or expand their presence.

Commercial Real Estate Growth in the Triad

The Triad region, encompassing Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point, has been a notable player in the commercial real estate arena. Despite nationwide economic fluctuations, the Triad has shown resilience and continued growth in Q3. Vacancy rates across office, retail, and industrial sectors have decreased, and asking rates have maintained an upward trend that began in the first half of 2022.

This sustained growth is a positive sign for investors eyeing the Triad market. Whether you’re interested in office spaces, retail properties, or industrial facilities, the Triad region offers opportunities worth exploring. The lowered vacancy rates indicate strong demand, while the increasing asking rates imply the potential for solid returns on investment.

Greensboro Real Estate Investment Opportunities

One of the most compelling aspects of the Greensboro real estate market is the array of investment opportunities it presents. Both rents and housing prices are on the rise, creating the potential for increased yields, and making it an attractive destination for buy-and-hold investors.

The city’s economy is diverse and resilient, with sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, and logistics driving growth. Major employers such as Volvo Trucks North America, Honda Aircraft Company, and Cone Health contribute to the city’s economic vibrancy, offering stability to the job market.

Greensboro has undergone significant revitalization efforts, particularly in downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. Redevelopment projects have transformed historic buildings into mixed-use spaces, breathing new life into these areas and creating opportunities for commercial real estate investment.

In the office, retail, and industrial sectors, the demand for quality spaces is evident. With low vacancy rates and continued growth, Greensboro’s commercial real estate market is poised to provide investors with attractive returns.


The Greensboro commercial real estate market is a dynamic and promising landscape. The housing market is competitive but offers potential for property appreciation. The seller’s market in 2023 indicates high demand and competitive pricing, making it an exciting time for investors and buyers alike.

The office market offers diverse options, catering to various business needs, while the Triad region’s overall growth in commercial real estate is a testament to its resilience and stability.

Investors looking for opportunities in Greensboro will find the city on the rise, with a strong and diverse economy, revitalized neighborhoods, and a bright future for commercial real estate. If you’re ready to explore the Greensboro CRE market, Price Commercial Properties and Management is here to help you turn your real estate vision into reality. Don’t miss out on the potential that this thriving market has to offer!

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