Best real estate podcasts and books for investors

10 Best Real Estate Podcasts and Books for Investors in 2022

Posted by Marc DeLille on January 27th, 2022

The real estate industry can be an exciting yet complex world. Whether you’re considering investing in your first property or you already have a catalog of investments, it’s never too late to increase your understanding of the industry. Leaning on the experts in the industry allows you to learn from their successes, as well as their mistakes.

But how can you get in front of these real estate investing experts so they can share their wealth of knowledge with you? Nowadays, you can hear directly from the experts through their real estate books and podcasts! Next time you have a few minutes to spare, snuggle up with a real estate book or turn one of the best real estate podcasts on your next long drive. Immersing yourself in the words of the experts will help you navigate the world of real estate more confidently and successfully.

Not sure where to get started? Here are a few of the best real estate podcasts and books for investors in 2022.

5 of the Best Real Estate Podcasts

1) BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene

Co-hosted by real estate experts Brandon Turner and David Greene, the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast is the perfect podcast if you’re looking to dip your toes in. Featuring interviews with real estate investors across multiple niches and experiences levels, you’ll be sure to have several takeaways from each weekly episode. Speaking about commercial real estate can seem dry at times, but Turner and Greene make each episode light and friendly as if you’re sitting down for drinks with an old friend where they’re giving you advice.

2) Epic Real Estate Investing

Hosted by Matt Theriault

Matt Theriault, real estate investor, author, and host of the Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast, provides listeners with both creative and conventional ways to build their wealth through commercial real estate investing. If your goal is to retire early, then this podcast should be your go-to source for learning additional ways to increase your revenue streams. Enjoy four to five new episodes every week.

3) The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Hosted by Robert Helms and Russell Gray

As one of the first podcasts for real estate investors, The Real Estate Guys Radio Show has a reputation that is tried and true. Robert Helms and Russell Gray launched the show back in 1997, and you can expect a fun, light-hearted, and entertaining episode that is jam-packed with information for all levels of real estate investors. Whether you’ve been in the industry for a few decades or are just starting out, the weekly episodes will share information about investment strategies, investment taxes, due diligence, and more.

4) Think Realty Radio

Hosted by Abhi Golhar

With two episodes a week, you can gain first-hand knowledge from a variety of guest experts in the real estate industry as they’re interviewed by real estate investor and host Abhi Golhar. Think Realty Radio is the ideal listen for those looking to stay up-to-date with the latest news and real estate trends.

5) Rental Rookie

Hosted by Emily Du Plessis

Emily Du Plessis, former 8th-grade teacher, founded the Rental Rookie to help new investors start with real estate investing. If you’re a new investor, Rental Rookie offers an easy-to-understand breakdown of purchasing your first property. You’ll also learn rookie mistakes to avoid and facts about the real estate industry. You can expect 10 to 12 new episodes to be released each year.

5 Must-Read Books for Real Estate Investors

1) What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow

By Frank Gallineli

If you’re new to the real estate industry, you know just how confusing it can be. You’ll often hear lots of buzzwords and it can be hard to grasp what they all mean. To support new real estate investors in understanding the lingo, Frank Gallineli helps readers grasp different investing concepts. These include Discounted Cash Flow, Net Present Value, Cap Rate, ROI, and more. After reading, you’ll feel more confident in your investments. It’s the perfect book to refer back to even when you’re years into the industry and need a quick refresher.

2) Build a Rental Property Empire

By Mark Ferguson 

For many, one real estate investment isn’t enough. Instead, you may have a dream to build a rental property empire. If so, Mark Ferguson’s Building a Rental Property Empire might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. With a background as a buy and hold investor, flipper, and broker, he shares tidbits on sourcing properties, financing, and managing your investments. His real-world experience allows him to share advice that can help future real estate investors avoid some of the most common mistakes.

3) The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

By Gary Keller

Many investors get into the real estate market with the hopes of turning a big profit. But if you don’t have a million dollars lying around to initially sink into investments, it may seem daunting to get started. In The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, Gary Keller offers investors a handbook for building wealth through real estate investing. Learn how to vet the best investment opportunities and what strategies you should use to generate the most wealth.

4) The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

By Ken McElroy

For those starting in the world of real estate investing, look no further than Ken McElroy’s The ABCs of Real Estate Investing. The book starts with the basics and teaches new investors how to find potential investment properties, negotiate real estate deals, and generate income through property management. There’s no better place to start than at the very beginning.

5) Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

By David Greene

Just being you live and work in one market doesn’t mean that has to be the only market you invest in! In Long-Distance Real Estate Investing, David Greene challenges the idea that you should only invest in real estate in your local market. Instead, you can widen your real estate investments by considering riskier out-of-state investment opportunities. Follow along as he shares tips and tricks for successfully investing anywhere.

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